Ojmar news // 01.08.2022

End-of-trip facilities: what do we know about it?

End-of-trip facilities: what do we know about it?

Have you ever heard about End-of-trip facilities? If you don’t, let us give you some knowledge about this concept that is creating a revolution inside the workspaces of many companies. As Five at Heart wrote, these kind of spaces encourage your stuff to use “non-motorised transport options like riding their bikes, walking or jogging to work”.

Likewise, these facilities have much more benefits to increase productivity & efficiency, a must in every brand worldwide. Some of them are the creation of a healthier workspace, an increased staff wellbeing, improved corporate image or reducing the demand of car parking.

Besides all the healthy benefits to what end-of-trip facilities contribute, Ojmar also find an opportunity in this space. Integrating and managing this equipment inside the building will give your company a value resource to create a better working environment, and this is where our intelligent systems can help by giving you data security, access systems and personal information.

Ojmar’s presence

Ojmar wanted to be involved in this new opportunity by creating better workspace and help our clients in their search for greatness. That’s why, with the help of 21 Construction, we worked in the 110 Bishopsgate project, where we introduced our OTS® Advance locking system. Located in Heron Tower, this building was designed to give serviced offices and our locks gave them a hand.

This lock works with encrypted data security and is compatible with wet areas, the perfect match to everyone who search for comfort ahead of their personal items. Furthermore, it gives the brand the perfect management system to control the access of the employees, in a new reality where the flexibility is crucial to the wellbeing of the company.

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Pic by Simone Morciano