Ojmar news // 04.08.2023



In a post-Covid world, hybrid working has continued to be the standard work practice for most businesses in the UK. A trend closely monitored by the Office for National Statistics, they report that 84% of workers planned to work both from home and in the workplace and that employers need to accommodate that shift in working patterns.

As workspaces change and the corporate world adapts to this more dynamic and fluid way of working, this means increased hot-desking and a decline of the traditional one-person, one-desk policy. In a report on essentials of hot desking, Knight Frank mentions employees no longer ‘own a space’ within the office and they need somewhere they can store their personal and work items to feel involved with a sense of belonging. This is where smart locker management systems come into play and make locker management easy.

The perfect solution can be found with Ojmar, the world-leading European manufacturer of innovative high performance electronic and mechanical locks. The company has recently launched OTS® PULSE, the latest addition to the well-known family of locks and one which tailored specifically towards both corporate and leisure markets.

OTS® PULSE is the perfect choice for companies wanting a networked locking solution that operates in highly secure cloud software. For the leisure market, lockers play an integral part of the user experience. In both wet and dry areas good lockers and locking systems gives visitors comfort and peace of mind that their belongings are secure. Smart touchless locking systems provide maximum flexibility and safety for the user reducing the need for physical contact and the associated problems of cross-contamination.

OTS® PULSE uses the latest battery technology providing a life of up to 10 years before needing a simple battery replacement. This makes it one of the most efficient, longest-lasting systems available on the market. Fully plug-and-play, online, self-managed and wireless, the systems helps offices and leisure spaces be flexible at minimal cost.

Designed for quick and easy installation, without complex and costly hardwiring it does not require any expensive servers, just a simple standard internet connection managed through a PC, tablet or smartphone. It is simple to operate with no keys or codes, while each user’s App makes it easy to reserve, open and lock their lockers directly from their own device via Bluetooth or using RFID cards.

The cloud-based management system allows administrators to monitor and manage users and locker usage and occupancy while providing instant reports in real-time. It integrates with existing technologies and platforms and is designed to operate with no downtime, to work through power outages and to utilise next generation technology.

More information on locking solution along with samples, case studies and technical guidance are available from ojmar.com or look for Ojmar on NBS Source.